Waterproof car covers

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- Summer Reflective rate above 80%, super UV proof  

- Winter,snow ,frost prevention

- Stop bird droppings, leaves , dust.

Feature :

- Water pressure of 800 MM, waterproof.

- PA coating, can prevent bask in.

- Single-layer polyester , strong, lightweight, easy to use.

- Four wind belt, prevent the wind blow away.

- Zipper design, convenient to take something.

- Fit 99% car model


3S--sedan--fit car (420x175x145cm)     

3M--sedan--fit car (450x175x150cm)      

3L--sedan--fit car (470x180x150cm)      

3XL--sedan--fit car (490x185x150cm)    

3XXL--sedan--fit car (530x200x150cm)  

2s--hatchback--fit car (360x170x155cm) 

2M--hatchback--fit car (415x175x145cm) 

2L--hatchback--fit car (450x185x140cm)

2XL--hatchback.wagon.mpv--fit car (485x185x160cm) 

2XXL--mpv.wagon--fit car (525x190x180cm)

YM--suv.crv--fit car (465x180x175cm)      

YXL--suv.crv--fit car (510x200x180cm)

YL--suv.crv--fit car(485x190x180cm)

How to choice the size on the car model table ,for exmaple BMW 530i 

-1 Find the first letter "B "of  the car brand 

-2 Find the brand name "BMW'

-3 Find the car model "5series -3xl"

-4 Choice the size 3xl

-5 If you do not find your car model ,please contact the servicer confirm 

-6 some car model need customize