Pump air compressor

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R: Change the unit of pressure 

- :  Reduce


I : Began inflating tyres

O: Preset tire pressure 


Fast filling, the car model Nissan Tena weight 1.5 T, can fill in 5 minutes

Digital display, tire pressure preset,when the tire pressure ,reach your default tire pressure, the machine will automatically shut down

three color ,orang red green

Can continue to inflatable 8 minutes

Cigarette lighter built-in fuse, use rise more safe

Use full copper motor, has a longer service life



1 rainy day cannot be directly used in outdoor

2 this product sustainable inflatable 8 minutes, higher temperature environment appropriate to reduce use of time

3 this products production completely sealed, do not secretly opened

4 don't aimed the  high pressure air at others, pay attention to safety

5 Don't pick up the products use the power cord and inflatable tube



1. Start the car, the product connected to the power supply

2. The inflatable tube link to tire, after deflated voice to be heard, to fix inflatable mouth

3. Check the tire pressure, will show  the true Tire pressure On the display screen

4. press switch to the right , preset the tire pressure you need to for exmaple 2.3 Bar

5. press switch to the left ,Began inflating tyres

6. After 3-5 minutes the machine will stop work when the tire pressure reach the preset pressure 2.3 Bar.