Car Vacuum Cleaner 4 in 1

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  • Product Name: Car Vacuum Cleaner
  • Power cable size: 420cm
  • Power supply: DC-12V
  • Rated power: 80W/ vacuum 100W
  • Function: lighting, vacuum, inflation, tire pressure
  • Accessories: a host, 4 parts, a cigarette lighter
  • Product material: ABS plastic, PP plastic, frequency conversion motor, HEPA filter
  • Dust removal effect: 95%
  • Dimension: 34*11*14cm
  • Weight: 1.35kg(weigher than other same model)
  • Cleaner type: hand held
  • Vacuum degree: 3500Pa
  • Color:Gold


  • transparent removable front cover, equipped with special filters to facilitate regular cleaning;
  • with transparent storage warehouse, can be adsorbed water storage;
  • equipped with special corner adsorption flat head, can absorb dust and strong suction corner
  • extremely lightweight, easy to carry.


  • can not pull the power cord when moving the appliance, easily damaged electrical appliances;
  • during use, need someone to guard, do not let children play alone, to avoid danger;
  • the use of this product can not be around alcohol and other combustible materials.
  • when using the filter must be installed.


  • DC12V power plug into a car cigarette lighte
  • when using the power switch on the vacuum cleaner handle to the ON position, the power switch in the OFF position when not in use.
  • using a wide space where a wide mouth, narrow space where the use of a straight mouth, suck dust from under the seat also need to put the hose in order to increase the length.
  • keep the bag clean, clean.
  • should be used so that the suction port flat against the ground, to achieve better results.
  • the power switch in front of the former shell device key, press down detachable front shell, make sure you are finished should open the eyes and ears away from the front shell clean the filter to prolong life, clean the filter when.
  • when the product was wet and water, should pay attention to the front cover of the water barrier height (capacity), inhalation height must not exceed the amount of water resistance, (must be turned off before opening the cover pour water or wet liquid then put it back before re-use ). Accessories: beak tip.